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The Cross-country Olympic race at Mont-Sainte-Anne is a grueling endurance race that demands a combination of strength, power, and technical skill. Competitors race on the iconic Mont-Sainte-Anne track, which features numerous technical climbs and descents on rugged terrain. Unlike individual start downhill events that require the fastest time, XCO events have a mass start and occur on a closed circuit that racers ride multiple times.

Once again this year, the Olympic cross-country course features a number of changes that will delight athletes and spectators alike. The 2022 edition has seen the revival of old course sections, including the La Marmotte and La Perdrix climbs, and this success has inspired the professionals at Vélosolutions to delve into the classics of XCO history at Mont-Sainte-Anne.


La Germaine section, previously a downhill section, has been converted to offer a technical and demanding climb. La Voie Romaine and La Patriote will also return for the 2023 event, and a new strategic section will be built around the creek to offer a double line. This choice, identical in duration but not in length, will become a focal point of the race, as athletes will have to choose between a fast, technical descent on a natural trail, or a longer descent with fewer obstacles.

The new course, which will feature technical, natural sections and fast, mechanically-worked sections, promises a condensed, action-packed race!

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