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The Mont-Sainte-Anne UCI MTB World Cup,
an event certified ECO GOLD

Environmental protection being a key concern for us, Mouvement Production has adopted a renewed sustainable development policy for the 2023 edition of the UCI World Cup. We are proud to say that the Mont-Sainte-Anne UCI MTB World Cup has been awarded ECO GOLD certification by the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes (FQSC). This certification demonstrates our commitment to eco-responsible practices, particularly in terms of waste management, the use of environmentally-friendly products, and the reducing of our carbon footprint.

We are also pleased to have Desjardins as an official partner of our Eco-Responsible and Active Health program. Their support enables us to put in place initiatives that contribute to the preservation of our environment, while encouraging healthy and active lifestyle.


Support local 

Hosting a major event like the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup not only has a significant impact on the region's tourism profile, but also brings significant economic benefits for all Côte-de-Beaupré and Quebec City businesses. 


For the 2023 edition of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Mouvement Production has chosen to work in collaboration with local suppliers, in regard to all event production needs. The chosen suppliers contribute to our ambitions in terms of sustainable development through their eco-responsible value and their compliance with the eco-responsibility standards demanded.  


The Exhibitors' Village will also feature a brand-new Local Market section, showcasing local Côte-de-Beaupré artisans, producers and entrepreneurs.

Waste reduction

The management of residual materials remains a major challenge, particularly in relation to the food supply. Here's our solution:

Volunteer meals

  • Bulk snacks for volunteers with fruits and vegetables from local farms;

  • Volunteer meals packaged in reusable containers;

  • Reduced food waste by letting volunteers choose their own meals and snacks;

  • Food surpluses donated to Ressources familiales Côte-de-Beaupré, a charitable organization offering food security to families in need via La Tablée 138;

Food court

  • All on-site caterers will serve food in 100% recyclable containers (no Styrofoam or #6 plastic); 

Water Stations

  • Bring your own water bottles! Drinking water refill stations will be available throughout the site at the base of the mountain;

Desjardins Green Squad

  • Volunteers trained by the MRC de Beaupré ecocenter on sorting efficiency;

  • Desjardins Green Squad, stationed at garbage and recycling stations to guide participants and reduce the impact of waste;

Reuse of signage

  • All signage used on site for the event will be produced on 100% recycled coroplast and/or reused for future editions of the event.

Healthy lifestyle habits

To promote healthy lifestyle habits among the spectators of our event, Mouvement production is proud to present a variety of sporting activities accessible to all, to help them discover the pleasure of being active outdoor.

Embarquez Program

The lower part of the school slope will be animated by the Embarquez Program, an initiative of the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes (FQSC) and Desjardins. Demonstration bikes will be available all weekend, giving youngsters the chance to learn all about mountain biking, as part of the biggest mountain bike event in Quebec!


The Kidovélo is an introduction to mountain bike racing for 2-12 year-olds, with a course adapted to each age group. After the event, young participants will be able to reap the rewards of their efforts, as participation prizes will be awarded to all our future athletes!

100% Female

With the aim of promoting healthy active lifestyle habits among young teenage girls, a special 100% feminine activity is on the program. All those who wish to participate will be able to meet and chat with female athletes and sports enthusiasts and ride the mountain trails with them.

A wide range of foods

To fill up on energy, the food court will be offer veggie options, organic products and, above all, fresh, local foods. Autumn is harvest time, so we made sure to take full advantage! Visit our Local Market and Food Zone.

Protecting sensitive environments

The design of the various competition courses takes into account the fragility of the environment and the ecosystem, in order to protect the environment and avoid damaging the land.

Inclusivity and mobility

We have designed the site to accommodate people with reduced mobility. The competition start and finish areas, podiums, exhibitors' village, food court and local market are accessible to all, and walkways will be provided where necessary. Adapted sanitary facilities will also be available on site. 

In order to welcome all those who wish to lend a helping hand to the organization by getting involved as volunteers, our communications to volunteers will be non-generic and inclusive.


Electric vehicles

The Desjardins Green Squad will use an electric vehicle to manage residual materials. Keep an eye out for the orange vehicle. 

Offsetting the GHG emissions

An analysis of the GHG emissions generated by the organization of the event and by athlete travel will be carried out, and a compensation initiative is underway in collaboration with Ville de Beaupré to offset emissions.  


Shuttle services and Desjardins bike parking 

Visitors can also do their bit by using the shuttle service or their bikes! A bicycle parking will be available at the main entrance to the mountain, provided by Desjardins. Put an end to the search for parking and the long walk, you could benefit from direct access to the site. Think about it and get informed!

A global approach to sustainable development

Sustainable development is a global vision combining environmental protection, respect for communities and overall socio-economic impact. Students in the Cégep de Baie-Comeau's Sustainable Development course were involved in the implementation of the Écoresponsable charter during their 2023 winter session. Their analysis led to a number of solutions in terms of site protection, inclusiveness of people and innovation to meet the aspirations of future generations. They will also have the opportunity to carry out an internship during the UCI MTB Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup.

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