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The Cross-country Short Track event is a fast and dynamic race that lasts around 25 minutes. Both men and women compete on a course that spans approximately 1 to 1.5 kilometres in length, and they must complete several laps of the circuit during the event. The race takes place on a looped course, which allows spectators to be at the heart of all the action and experience the thrill of the event alongside the runners.


A complete metamorphosis of the course awaits athletes and spectators alike for the 2023 edition of the UCI XCC Cup. The ultra-fast, wide and rolling circuit will offer tight racing that promises plenty of overtaking action. Speed and strategy are key to securing a place on the podium. The spectator area, set up in the middle of the course, will allow everyone to view the entire course and follow the race right from the heart of the action. All the more reason to keep the suspense alive right up to the last moment!

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