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  • Volunteers in the mountain
    Being a volunteer during the competitions at the mountain means being right in the heart of the action. Do you want to experience a team atmosphere, filled with strong emotions and make a difference at the same time? Join our marshal teams, first aid, hot chocolate distribution, or crowd management teams and come experience the event up close with us.
  • Volunteers on site
    Our event wouldn't be complete without the grandeur and beauty of our site. By being at the base of the mountain, you can enjoy the spectacular experience of volunteering while immersing yourself in the magnificent atmosphere of the World Cup. Whether you're welcoming exhibitors, managing parking, ensuring site security, or controlling athlete access, you can be a part of the teams that create unforgettable memories for everyone involved.
  • Volunteers behind the scene
    Behind every great event, there is a team of dedicated volunteers working behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. From accreditation and athlete reception to meal and snack services, and customer support, these unsung heroes are integral to providing a unique and memorable experience for all participants. Join our team and be a part of this exciting behind-the-scenes action at the Mont-Sainte-Anne MTB World Cup!
  • Volunteers who can do anything
    Being a volunteer with us means bringing your unique color, expertise, and participation to help push the event even further. There are various volunteer positions available, including the flying team that assists all other teams when needed, the site set-up and tear-down team, the signage team, and the commissionaires. Your talents and skills will be utilized to ensure that the event shines.
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